Tabas Negin Coal Company Registered with registration number of 14770 in Isfahan, Iran at 1999. In following of the second economic development plan policies and Through public auctions by Iranian Steel Company, to supply needed cocking coal for country`s steel industries. Tabas Negin Coal Company started by Possession of two mines with the names Parvade II and north Parvadeh III Coal Mines.
According to statute, the company active in Exploration, Mining, Preparation and advising, contracting and commercial affairs about mining.
The Company succeeded to get permission to enter the Tehran stock exchange on January 2004 and in May of 2007 moved to the main panel.
At Extraordinary general meeting in 2013, Company`s Capital increased to 90 billion Rials with registration number of 447608 and its center moved to Tehran, Iran. In the same way, Company`s Capital increased to 150 billion Rials, in 2015.
The company is between the largest producers of raw Cocking coal in Iran. In 2018 about 9% of the country's total production is gave. The company is pioneer in production technology in private sector. As, has achieved the highest production efficiency in 2014.